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Bug and Problem Report Summary


Item Date Item Reported Resolution
  01/13/99     version 1.00 released
1 01/14/99 Problem:  Vertical "Do not encroach..." print on page 2 of both documents isn't placed correctly on the screen display with certain video drivers in Win 3.1.  Forms are still printed OK. Resolved in version 1.02
2 01/14/99 Problem:  Incorrect spacing of final two columns on p. 2 of combined form (and other small editorial details) Resolved in version 1.01
3 01/20/99 Problem:  REF block data didn't always print consistently inside the right margin. Resolved in version 1.01:  All REF data blocks have been resized so printing is more consistently within margins.  REF blocks resize as necessary when font/bold settings are changed to maintain consistent printing.
4 01/20/99 Problem:  REF blocks didn't always size correctly when files saved with other than Proportional Bold font were loaded, resulting in unnecessary truncation of data. Resolved in version 1.01:  REF block resizing on file load is now done correctly.
  01/20/99   version 1.01 released
5 02/22/99 Problem:  Scroll bars aren't visible and automatic page positioning doesn't work correctly when "Large Font" screen resolutions are used. Resolved in version 1.02
6 03/16/99 Problem:  If a "Default Data Location" is entered in the Preference section and a HdStart file exists in the APPAIDS directory, sometimes a 0-length HdStart file will be created in the "Default Data Location" drive:\directory and a "Not a SARApAid Data File" warning box will appear if a new document is loaded with the "Use HdStart File" Preference set to Yes. Resolved - will be implemented in next release
  03/16/99   version 1.02 released
7 03/23/99 Problem:  Missing file name in Font Change Warning dialog box when loaded file was selected from the Recently Used File List. Resolved - will be implemented in next release
  04/17/99   version 1.10 released
8 09/25/99 Problem:  "Copies" entry in "Print" window will not enable extra copies if set to greater than "1" in contrast to documentation. Resolved in version 1.11
9 11/03/99 Problem:  Using the Edit menu group from the menu bar to call the Block Paste routine will result in a "Run Time Error 9; Subscript Out of Range" error and program termination on clearing the error message. Resolved in version 1.11
10 11/03/99 Problem:  Selecting the 4th entry of the Recent File List with at least one document already open resulted in program termination. Resolved in version 1.11
11 11/03/99 Problem:  "Ctrl-T" was erroneously assigned to call the Tracking/Notes window.  This pre-empted the tab entry function in multi-line text boxes. Resolved in version 1.11:  Ctrl-K now calls the Tracking/Notes window and Ctrl-T will allow for tab entry as documented.
  11/05/99   version 1.11 released
  02/15/00   version 1.12 released
12 07/17/00 Problem:  Program crash if a large number was entered in any Patriot generation field. Resolved in version 2.00
  07/23/00   version 2.00 released
13 07/29/00 Problem:  Unforgiving nature if printer driver problems surfaced Resolved in version 2.01
  08/24/00   version 2.01 released
  10/08/00   version 2.10 released
14 10/08/00 Problem:  Check boxes for Youth forms would appear onscreen on page 2. Resolved in version 2.11
15 10/08/00 Problem:  Close All menu item would not close New Combined forms Resolved in version 2.11
  10/08/00   version 2.11 released
16 11/21/00 Problem:  Blank pages are ejected (usually by HP printers) during the processing of a print job. Resolved in version 2.20
  12/27/00   version 2.20 released
17 01/01/01 Problem:  Entering an applicant's Last Name on the Old Supplemental would cause an error message and program crash. Resolved in version 2.21
  01/01/01   version 2.21 released
18 01/02/01 Problem:  Email Bug Report feature inoperative (for workaround, use the Email Help Request to send system information). Resolved in version 2.22
19 01/20/01 Problem:  Word Template conversion included delimiting quote mark in some fields Resolved in version 2.22
  01/22/01   version 2.22 released
20 01/25/01 Problem:  Saving outside conversion file uses original file suffix therefore overwriting original format file. Resolved in version 2.23
21 01/25/01 Problem:  Under some conditions, selecting a formatted text field will hang computer Resolved in version 2.23
22 01/25/01 Problem:  Some versions of Win NT and 2000 will hang when page 2 is printed or will not print correctly. Resolved in version 2.23
  02/07/01   version 2.23 released
  02/22/01   version 2.24 released
23 02/24/01 Problem:  Using Ctrl-V to insert text in formattable text boxes results in clipboard text being Pasted twice (using menu bar and pop-up menus works OK). Resolved in version 2.25
  04/25/01   version 2.25 released
24 07/08/01 Problem:  "SARApAid has caused an error in MSVBVM60.DLL" error message on program Exit. This error is caused by a recent Norton AntiVirus update.  For details and fix instructions, click here.
  08/12/01   version 2.30 released
25 08/13/01 Problem:  incorrect default value for "Father's age greater than" (birth date comparison) Resolved in version 2.31
26 08/13/01 Problem:  crash occurred when trying to compare husband's first generation death date (no field for this) with marriage date. Resolved in version 2.31
  08/13/01     version 2.31 released
27 08/20/01 Problem:  Field length wasn't checked when automatic transfer of Patriot's name into Patriot's generation name was performed.  If extra data was incorrectly inserted in this field, it could result in Patriot's generation name field data being printed over other form data. Resolved in version 2.32
28 08/20/01 Problem:  "Save" and "Save As" dialog boxes incorrectly showed other file types giving the impression that other file types could be output as well as input. Resolved in version 2.32
29 08/28/01 Problem:  Intermittent "run-time error 5, Invalid procedure call" error message when a primary application is loaded (usually SAR16 type) and then closed without editing or changing fields. Resolved in version 2.32
30 11/01/01 Problem:  Tabbing to last formatted text field with data locked caused program crash. Resolved in version 2.32
31 11/01/01 Problem:  Trying to send email without a default email address set in Preferences caused an error message and no message generation. Resolved in version 2.32
32 11/01/01 Problem:  Entering numerous (5+) digits in Audit settings would cause overflow error and crash. Resolved in version 2.32
  11/18/01   version 2.32 released
33 03/03/02 Problem:  Loading a file saved with numerous expanded reference fields may result in incorrect display of contents due to miscalculation of required field lines. Resolved in version 2.33
  03/08/02   version 2.33 released
34 03/19/02 Problem:  Using the "Application Audit" feature on an Old Supplemental form may produce a "Run-time error `9':  Subscript out of range" error. Resolved in version 2.34
35 03/28/02 Problem:  Program will freeze under certain conditions if editing is attempted with file locked Resolved in version 2.34
  04/11/02   version 2.34 released
  06/04/02   version 2.35 released
36 07/03/02 Problem:  Crash can occur if multiple documents are open and focus is changed to a document in which a formatted field will have the focus. Resolved in version 2.36
37 07/03/02 Problem:  Can't escape "Bad file name" loop on initial save if Patriot name and/or applicant last name contains illegal file name characters. Resolved in version 2.36
  07/13/02   version 2.36 released
38 10/01/02 Problem:  Imported Adobe fdf file didn't include sponsor information Resolved in version 2.37
  10/06/02   version 2.37 released
  03/29/03   version 3.00 released
39 04/03/03 Problem:  Certain systems operating in 600x800 screen resolution will crash when a formatted text field is selected for editing. Resolved in version 3.01
  04/03/03   version 3.01 released
40 04/05/03 Problem:  REF to Patriot's Rev. War service will not transfer during document conversion if entry is more than 2 lines (use normal Copy/Paste to transfer until version 3.02 is released) Resolved in version 3.02
  04/14/03   version 3.02 released
  05/09/03   version 3.03 released
41 06/23/03 Problem:  Universal Form Printer Height Reduction setting does not work on Universal Form (use All Other Printers Height Reduction setting to affect the Universal Form until you are able to download and install version 3.04). Resolved in version 3.04
  06/23/03   version 3.04 released
42 07/15/03 Problem:  Program may crash if Application Conversion attempted with no file save of primary application. Resolved in version 3.05
43 07/15/03 Problem:  Ctrl+T keystroke inadvertently assigned as Application Audit shortcut key, preventing Ctrl+T from being used to insert a Tab in multi-line text fields. Resolved in version 3.05
  08/15/03   version 3.05 released
44 04/10/04 Problem:  Patriot Name not tracked properly in Old Supplemental form Resolved in version 3.10
45 05/15/04 Problem:  If program started by selecting an associated file, "file not found" followed by program termination may result Resolved in version 3.10
  06/12/04   version 3.10 released
46 06/28/04 Problem:  Memorial application (Universal form) isn't printing Sponsor data Resolved in version 3.11
  06/28/04    version 3.11 released
47 07/05/04 Problem:  Outlook email users getting "Your email doesn't support this feature" messages for automated email features. Resolved in version 3.12
  07/13/04   version 3.12 released
48 07/21/04 Problem:  Enabling of items (Cut/Copy/Paste) on pop-up Edit menu for non-formatted text fields not operating correctly (problem introduced in ver 3.10). Resolved in version 3.15
  07/27/04   version 3.15 released
49 08/06/04 Problem:  License Wizard had problems implementing upgrade license validity check if current license was out of date. Resolved in version 3.16
  08/08/04   version 3.16 released
50 08/20/04 Problem:  Browse links in Help file are corrupted. Resolved in version 3.17
  09/01/04   version 3.17 released
51 09/10/04 Problem:  Patriot Index indicator lights showing up on non-Patriot Index licensed versions causing questions and confusion Resolved in version 3.18
  09/11/04   version 3.18 released
52 09/14/09 Problem:  After initiating Patriot Index Data email and re-Saving file, file would load as Memorial application on subsequent reloads. Resolved in version 3.19
  09/14/09   version 3.19 released
53 11/20/04 Problem:  "Run-time error 401" occurs on some user machines when attempting to use License Wizard Resolved in version 3.20
  11/28/04   version 3.20 released
54 12/17/04 Problem:  FTP routine driving the Auto-Update and License Wizard routines is consistently unsuccessful Resolved in version 3.21
  12/30/04    version 3.21 released
55   Problems:  (see bug fix list in Program Version History for version 3.30 - numerous bugs fixed - none reported by users) Resolved in version 3.30
  11/16/06   version 3.30 released
56 11/18/06 Problem:  Certain non-standard data presentations on the NSSAR Application Status and Pended Status web pages are not interpreted correctly.  This only affects data on the same page which is below the non-standard data entry. Resolved in version 3.31
  11/27/06    version 3.31 released
57 12/02/06 Problem:  Upgrade Wizard item in Help menu is grayed out when a Universal Form application is loaded and has the focus. Resolved in version 3.35:  The Upgrade Wizard has been standardized as not being available when any application is loaded because it is likely to fail under these conditions anyway.
58 08/20/07 Problem:  License Wizard and Upgrade Wizard no longer work due to change to new web server by Cox SoftWare Resolved in version 3.35
  09/10/07   version 3.35 released
59 09/30/07 Problem:  Program crash if File: Load File selected and then Cancel button clicked. Resolved in version 3.40
60 12/06/07 Problem:  Status check feature no longer works.  This is due to a change in data format (from html to pdf) on the NSSAR web server. Resolved in version 3.40
  01/28/08   version 3.40 released
61 02/08/08 Problem:  If Preferences are saved and Default Data Location is no longer a valid path, a program crash with "Run time error '76' - Path Not Found" error is seen. Resolved in version 3.45
62 05/05/08 Problem:  If Online Application Status Check is attempted and pdf files exist in the program directory from previous attempts, this feature will terminate with a "Problem processing Application Status download.  Can't continue with Application Status Check function" message. Resolved in version 3.45
63 01/08/09 Problem:  License Wizard doesn't work in Vista systems. Resolved in version 3.45
64 01/08/09 Problem:  Online Application Status Check doesn't work in Vista systems. Resolved in version 3.45
65 01/08/09 Problem:  Update Wizard doesn't work in Vista systems. Resolved in version 3.45
  08/26/09   version 3.45 released
66 09/15/09 Problem:  When running Windows in  800x600 resolution, applications appear as very narrow strip on left side of window and cannot be enlarged (problem is in version 3.45 only) Resolved in version 3.46
  10/28/09   version 3.46 released
67 11/19/09 Problem:  Attempting to use the Application Conversion feature to create a son's application from the father's causes a "runtime error 70, permission denied" message followed by program termination. Resolved in version 3.47
  11/25/09   version 3.47 released
68 11/25/09 Problem:  Application Status Report would show "Received" instead of actual date received in the "Date of Status" field. Resolved in version 3.48
69 11/25/09 Problem:  Application Status Report would terminate program if NSSAR Status Report files had bad name entries. Resolved in version 3.48
  11/25/09   version 3.48 released
70 12/01/09 Problem:  Cannot import pdf file created as Reader-enabled version. Resolved in version 3.49
  12/14/09   version 3.49 released
71 1/15/10 Problem:  Certain anomolies in NSSAR Application Status files will cause a "Run-time error '62':  Input past end of file" error. Resolved in version 3.50
  02/11/10   version 3.50 released
72 03/15/10 Problem:  Security changes to the Cox SoftWare web server rendered the License, Repair, and Update Wizards unusable resulting in "Couldn't connect to Cox SoftWare FTP server..." messages when attempts were made. Resolved in version 3.51
  03/16/10   version 3.51 released
  05/15/10   version 3.52 released
73 06/03/10 Problem:  Changes on the national web site resulted in inability to download application status file. Resolved in version 3.53
  06/07/10   version 3.53 released
74 06/10/10 Problem:  "NSSAR Application software has encountered a problem and needs to close" Windows message might appear when program is closed if Reports window was visited during session. Resolved in version 3.54
  06/28/10   version 3.54 released
  08/06/10   version 3.55 released
75 08/17/10 Problem:  Program may crash during/after using the Generation Documentation window. Resolved in version 3.56
  08/23/10   version 3.56 released
75   Problem:  Closing the Reports window will occasionally cause program crash Resolved in version 3.57
76 02/23/11 Problem:  "File not found" error box experienced intermittently when using the License Wizard to install a License extension Resolved in version 3.57
77 ?? Problem:  entering "only" or other unrelated date in Wife# column in children listing will cause a crash in the Application Conversion routine. Resolved in version 3.57
78 03/10/11 Problem:  PDF files are not converting/loading consistently Resolved in version 3.57
79 03/11/11 Problem:  Names that are truncated due to length in the national application status report aren't being found by the Status Check. Resolved in version 3.57
  03/22/11   version 3.57 released
80 12/20/11 Problem:  Report column ToolTips are incorrect after column position change. Resolved in version 4.00
81 01/10/12 Problem:  Head Start file not always loaded/saved correctly to/from Old Style Supplemental form Resolved in version 4.00
  01/12/12   version 4.00 released
82 03/23/12 Problem:  Conversion of pdf and WMB Word template files is unsuccessful in version 4.00 Resolved in version 4.01
  05/29/12   version 4.01 released
83 07/06/12 Problem:  Universal form is not printing sponsor data for Supplemental forms (although it is not required). Resolved in version 4.02
  07/16/12   version 4.02 released
  02/18/13   version 4.10 released
84 04/04/15 Problem:  PDF files are not converting/loading consistently Resolved in version 4.11
85 04/12/15 Problem:  "Run-time error '380': invalid property value" seen frequently when printing. Resolved in version 4.11
  05/08/15   version 4.11 released
  05/09/15 Non-public release version 4.12 released
  05/16/15   version 4.13 released
  04/15/16 Problem:  Word txt file with bad format would cause crash. Resolved in version 4.15
  04/15/16 Problem:  Crash occurred if number of Paste Block generations was greater than Copied generations. Resolved in version 4.15
  04/15/16 Problem:  Program would freeze if Pended app file wasn't available during online application status check. Resolved in version 4.15
  05/27/16   version 4.15 released
  08/10/16 Problem:  Program would not adequately check for validity of Default Data Location with respect to missing flash drives or missing media in drives supporting portable media. Resolved in version 4.16
  08/16/16 Problem:  Program would crash with "Run time error 6" on systems with display width resolutions greater than 2180. Resolved in version 4.16
  08/19/16   version 4.16 released
  10/13/16 ProblemREFERENCES to Ancestor's Revolutionary War Service field does not react correctly when excessive text is pasted into the field which can result in distorted printing of page 2.  
  10/10/17 Problem:  Rich Text pasted into the Patriot Reference field is not properly checked for length. Resolved in version 5.00
  10/27/17   version 5.00 released
  10/29/17 Problem:  A typo in the program code has disabled the Conversion feature. Resolved in version 5.01
  10/29/17   version 5.01 released
  12/16/17 Problem:  Entering names in only one of the two split fields may result in a "run time error 380" notification. Resolved in version 5.02
  12/16/17 Problem:  Recent file list doesn't show when 2017 form is loaded. Resolved in version 5.02
  02/16/18   version 5.02 released
  02/17/18 Problem:  If attempting to print to a PDF device using the Toolbar "Print" icon, only one page will print.  (Use the normal Print dialog under the File menu as a work-around) Resolved in version 5.03
  02/17/18 Problem:  Reference fields will not line-wrap if a file is loaded from the Recent File List.  (Use the Load file dialog as a work-around) Resolved in version 5.03
  02/21/18   version 5.03 released