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Program Comments


    The following are some comments from testers/users of SARApAid:

  • Your program is outstanding. It's the kind of software everyone dreams of owning.  It's easy to install, easy to configure, very user friendly.
  • Pretty slick program!
  • It is GREAT to have enough space in the fields to get all the material in without resorting to creative abbreviations.
  • Thank you for designing such a great program.
  • The subject software is truly a marvel and long needed.  What a time saver!
  • It is a fantastic improvement over the DOS program that I previously got from SAR and never was able to get to print properly!
  • ...probably the best thing that's happened to a registrar in the SAR in history!
  • Thanks to your easily comprehended instructions, the license was loaded without incident (refers to license via email).  If I could accomplish this, your program truly qualifies as "user friendly."  What an incredible contribution to the continue growth of our society.
  • Completed 5 applications, a father and four sons, in 1 hour, thanks to the Block Copy feature.
  • It is the program of choice for those who fill out the forms.