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Program Version History


Version 5.03 - 21 Feb 2018

  • Added code to prevent PDF crash if Toolbar printing used.
  • Added code to ensure default printer data used when opening files from the RFL list for proper Rich Text wrapping.


Version 5.02 - 16 Feb 2018

  • Added code to retain form type (supplemental, junior, etc.) during internal conversion process.
  • Added code to include recent file list in Univ 2017 form.
  • Added code to revert to blank form load if incompatible HdStart file encountered.
  • Added code to check for compatibility setting to help troubleshooting.
  • Modified all email code to remove MAPI calls and change to mailto: calls.
  • Modified code to prevent Windows 10 crash-on-start.
  • Modified code to prevent "run time error 380" notification when entering name fields.
  • Modified code to remove auto caps on email address.
  • Updated Help file to include January 2018 changes to Application Preparation Manual.


Version 5.01 - 28 Oct 2017

  • Corrected bug that prevented successful Conversions.


Version 5.00 - 27 Oct 2017

  • Incorporated a new Universal (2017) form.
  • Incorporated split name fields.
  • Disabled Old Supplemental form.
  • Modified code to ensure that Rich Text pasted into the Patriot Reference field would be checked for length, corrected if necessary, and turned Cyan if truncated.
  • Removed age check when converting application for son since regular membership is now available regardless of age.
  • Corrected Report code which incorrectly wrote data to files when using the Selected Applications method.
  • Help file revised to reference the Application Preparation Manual now vs. Preparation of Application Requirements (old 0912 form).


Version 4.16 - 19 Aug 2016

  • Report section updated to conform with NSSAR web site changes.
  • Added check and dialog for validity of Default Data Location to guard for missing flash drives, etc.
  • Modified code to prevent crash on systems with larger screens


Version 4.15 - 27 May 2016

  • Help file - better installation process
  • Added code to exit gracefully with warning if Word txt file load has bad format
  • Added code to correctly handle number of Copies entered in Printer dialog box (primarily affected Vista systems)
  • Fixed bug - crashed if number of Paste Block generations was greater than Copied generations
  • Amended Online application check to recover if Pended app file isn't available
  • PIData submission disabled until supported by national again
  • Updated installer to consistently handle Windows 10 systems


Version 4.13 - 16 May 2015

  • Removed troubleshooting code that prevented pdf import
  • Added additional printer code diagnostics


Version 4.12 - (not released publicly...troubleshooting version)


Version 4.11 - 08 May 2015

  • Cleared a pesky "Run-time error '380': invalid property value" error seen frequently when printing.
  • Cleared a small external conversion problem seen when importing a pdf application.


Version 4.10 - 18 February 2013

  • Added " become the property of..." text to Universal form per NSSAR request.
  • Added code to detect No Default Printer on system.


Version 4.02 - 16 July 2012

  • Added NSSAR Application Preparation Manual to Help file.
  • Fixed problem of not printing Sponsor data on Universal form applications designated as Supplementals, even though this data is optional.


Version 4.01 - 29 May 2012

  • Implemented import of newest NSSAR pdf application form.
  • Updated External Conversion routine for WMB Word templates to correct bad file loads.
  • Updated External Conversion routine for PDF/FDF files to correct bad file loads.
  • Updated installer for better compliance with Windows 7 installation standards.


Version 4.00 - 12 Jan 2012

  • Updated the Universal form to "2012" version which includes an email field authorized by NSSAR and resultant change to file storage version.
  • Removed the Youth Registrant type form from the Universal form selection as it is now obsolete.  Retained the ability to load previously configured (legacy) Youth Registrant forms
  • Internal Conversion routine changed to convert existing Youth forms to Junior or Regular forms depending on applicant age.
  • Removed the inhibition of Sponsor data on all forms (in new 0915 form) as it is no longer a genealogy department desire/requirement.
  • Amended the online application check to return/report the Genealogist Approved date for earlier warning of processing results at national.
  • Fixed the problem of an improper column label ToolTip if column position was changed in the Report window.
  • Improved the consistency of loading legacy apps in original forms.
  • Improved the capture of printer errors to avoid intermittent crashes.
  • Resolved a problem loading/saving HdStart file data when using the Old Supplemental form.


Version 3.57 - 22 Mar 2011

  • Fixed bug which caused the closing of the Reports window to crash the program.
  • Fixed the "File not found" error box experienced by some when using the License Wizard for a license extension.
  • Fixed a bug where entering "only" or other unrelated date in Wife# column in children listing would cause a crash in the Application Conversion routine.
  • PDF file import was modified to better ensure the correct import of pdf files of various origins.
  • The name comparison algorithm in the Reports window was amended so that names truncated on the national status report will still be found in comparison searches.


Version 3.56 - 23 Aug 2010

  • Fixed bug which caused program crash during/after use of Generation Documentation feature.  This bug was related to the new code supporting mouse wheel scrolling.


Version 3.55 - 06 Aug 2010

  • Updated the process to download application status information from the national web site.


Version 3.54 - 28 Jun 2010

  • Cleaned up mouse wheel code so that "NSSAR Application software has encountered a problem and needs to close..." Windows message no longer appears when closing program after Reports window was visited.


Version 3.53 - 07 Jun 2010

  • Updated the process to download application status information from the national web site.


Version 3.52 - 15 May 2010

  • Improved parsing for Application Status pdf file to better accomodate file anomolies.
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling support (on systems that support this feature).


Version 3.51 - 16 Mar 2010

  • Recoded FTP section to regain access to Cox SoftWare server following security updates.


Version 3.50 - 11 Feb 2010

  • Improved parsing for Application Status pdf file to better accomodate file anomolies.
  • Added Registration Date to data obtained from report and optionally updated in data files.


Version 3.49 - 14 Dec 2009

  • Fixed bug which prevented loading some PDF files created as Reader-enabled versions.


Version 3.48 - 25 Nov 2009

  • Fixed bug where Application Status Report would show "Received" instead of actual date received in the "Date of Status" field.
  • Fixed bug where Application Status Report would terminate program if NSSAR Status Report files had bad name entries.


Version 3.47 - 25 Nov 2009

  • Fixed bug which resulted in a "runtime error 70, permission denied" message and crash when an attempt was made to use the Application Conversion feature on Vista and Windows 7 systems.
  • Corrected code so that user's settings will now be included in any Bug Report emails.


Version 3.46 - 28 Oct 2009

  • Fixed bug which wouldn't allow proper view of applications if screen resolution was set to 800x600


Version 3.45 - 26 Aug 2009

  • Added automated routine to move data files from Program Files directory to My Documents\Appaids directory in XP+ systems under certain conditions.
  • Added code with Preference option to ask Vista versions for # of print copies desired since Vista won't return proper number of copies in print dialog box.
  • License Wizard code updated to work in Vista+ OS.
  • Repair Wizard code updated to work in Vista+ OS.
  • Desktop Shortcut code updated to work in Vista+ OS.
  • License, ini, and log file locations changed to {commonappdata} in XP+ installations for compliance with UAC.
  • Implemented new PDFText.dll version.
  • PDF download and txt processing directory changed to {commonappdata} in XP+ installations for compliance with UAC.
  • PDF and txt files in {commonappdata} are deleted if they exist before attempting report download to preclude errors.
  • Recoded PDF processing to fix "Input past end of file" error after processing pdf file and looking for matches.
  • Window size coding revised to account for different size window borders (Vista issue).
  • Bug Report/Help Request coding revised to ensure "No log file" or attachment works in email.
  • Coding added to catch a no-longer-existing Data Location path when Preferences are stored.  Warning dialog is shown and Data Location path is cleared.
  • Revised code for parsing ini file so it will always come through in email help requests.
  • Coding changed so that text formatting would work within SimulDoc window.
  • All NSSAR brochures updated in Help file.


Version 3.40 - 28 Jan 2008

  • Online Application Status Check function updated to read and process pdf files as currently provided by NSSAR for this purpose.
  • Added option to omit check of separate Pended data file in Online Application Status Check function to speed processing of this report.
  • Added NSSAR PDF file type to File Conversion capability.
  • Corrected bug - program would crash if File: Load File selected and then Cancel button clicked.


Version 3.35 - 10 Sep 2007

  • Changed code for compatibility with new web site server (necessary for License Wizard, Upgrade Wizard, and Repair Wizard to work)

  • Added Repair Wizard to automatically replace corrupted program file

  • Disabled Upgrade Wizard with any form loaded as the install would fail anyway


Version 3.31 - 27 Nov 2006

  • Added dates for Application and Pended data update on NSSAR web site to Reports Toolbar

  • Slight revision to Toolbar configuration

  • Revised coding for large increase in status download data processing speed

  • Added code to handle non-standard online data presentations so no Online data items are missed


Version 3.30 - 16 Nov 2006

  • Added Report feature/window which includes the capability of automatically downloading application status and status dates from the NSSAR web site

  • Added Instant Status Check feature to instantly check status of any active application

  • Added Duplex printing (automatic printing on both sides) support for duplex capable printers

  • Added Collate Reverse feature to help handle diversity of printers

  • Added Application Status indicator to Toolbar

  • Added capability to create a desktop shortcut for SARApAid and also any individual application

  • License Wizard robustness improved (greater possibility of success)

  • Modified code to allow WorkSheet printing from any File menu (was originally restricted to having no documents loaded)

  • Added Tools menu item - many items moved here to reduce load on File menu section

  • Re-organized all menu items for consistency; hot keys assigned to all File, Edit, View, and Tools items

  • Re-organized Toolbar icons; added grayed icons for when Univ, Sup, and file load disabled during SimulDoc operation

  • Corrected Toolbar bug - check mark in View menu didn't change if Toolbar visibility changed in preferences and didn't change for other documents after being changed in active document

  • Corrected Toolbar bug - Toolbar item in View menu wasn't checked on startup if Toolbar preference was set to visible

  • Corrected bug - attempting to load Old Style Supplemental using Hd Start sometimes loaded Universal form depending on flag settings

  • Corrected Application Conversion bug - son's mother didn't convert correctly if 2nd wife chosen

  • Corrected bug - Application Conversion sometimes caused "subscript out of range" error and crash

  • Corrected bug - Bad data in children's name fields (such as SAR number) caused crash when parsing name for application conversion routine

  • Corrected bug - If Generation Documentation was in use and Gen Doc window had focus, moving mouse cursor over Italic/Underline Toolbar buttons would cause crash

  • Corrected bug - Improper parse caused incomplete SAR number transfer from Bristor template version 2.00

  • Corrected bug - clicking on Toolbar PI Data Status indicator bar didn't cause indicated status to change as per documentation


Version 3.21 - 30 Dec 2004

  • Added auto switch from passive to active FTP mode when problems occur connecting in passive mode

  • Changed server directory code in FTP routine necessitated by server changeover


Version 3.20 - 28 Nov 2004

  • Added feature to check for Display font other than "normal" or 96 dpi to warn of improper display

  • Changed National number validation to allow 5 or 6 digits - some older members have 5 digit national numbers

  • Corrected code to properly display National and State number on supplemental application converted from Word Template txt file

  • Corrected bug causing "Run-time error '401':  Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed" message during License Upgrade routine

  • Corrected bug causing "Subscript out of range" error message on startup if any license error message is displayed


Version 3.19 - 14 Sep 2004

  • Corrected bug - correct application type will now show on subsequent loading after Patriot Index Data email initiation and Saving


Version 3.18 - 11 Sep 2004

  • Changed code so Patriot Index volunteer indicators would not show on non-Patriot Index licensed versions


Version 3.17 - 01 Sep 2004

  • Revised Help file to restore integrity of browse links


Version 3.16 - 08 Aug 2004

  • Added code for better upgrade license validity check if current license was out of date

  • Added code to enable bypass expired license abort for program upgrade


Version 3.15 - 27 Jul 2004

  • Added automated license file installation routine (License Wizard)

  • Added code to upgrade processor to ensure better recovery after failed downloads

  • Added code to get correct representation of PIDataSaved setting on ToolBar when loading files

  • Added code to provide download file size in Upgrade Wizard dialog

  • Added code to ensure that forward slash was added between city-county/state entries when converting Word template, SAR16, and internal conversion files

  • Corrected bug introduced with new MS support files which prevented use of pop-up Cut/Copy/Paste menu in normal text entry fields

  • Corrected bug causing crash when NormalCase routine attempted to decipher first character in name which was not an alpha character


Version 3.12 - 13 Jul 2004

  • Changed/added code for email routines to eliminate "not supported" error returns for systems using Outlook

  • Added EMail Name box to Preferences EMail/Data Location tab to allow entry of such

  • Added option check box for automated installation using current settings in Upgrade form

  • Added code to increase size of message box to accommodate "license too old" message in Upgrade form

  • Added application path information to Bug/Help Request reports


Version 3.11 - 28 Jun 2004

  • Changed code for improved acceptance of SAR16 files

  • Added code to Audit routine to compare upper case conversions of names to match variations on UPPER/Mixed case names

  • Added code to remove alias spellings from Patriot Name prior to constructing PIData file name and subject lines for more meaningful data

  • Corrected bug - Memorial application was not printing Sponsor information


Version 3.10 - 12 Jun 2004

  • Changed to new install program which adds versatility and corrects deficiencies in old install

  • Added automated upgrade process

  • Upgraded MicroSoft Visual Basic support files

  • Added Email Data to Patriot Index capability for direct support of Patriot Index Data Project

  • Added Patriot Index Data status indicator to ToolBar

  • Added code so that minor windows (Audit, Search & Replace, GEDCOM conversion) show active cursor; document window now shows hourglass cursor

  • Added capability of running Application Conversion process (create app for son) on a newly converted document once it has been Saved

  • Added Toolbar topic/active graphic to Help file

  • Added check to trap error 482 (no printer driver installed) on program load when rich-text printer tie-in loads

  • Added code to Audit which checks for "Son/Daughter" entered in Child's Name field

  • Added field verification code to Combined and Universal form which checks for "Son/Daughter" entered in Child's Name field

  • Added code to automatically highlight (select) text in Search and Replace fields when entry exists and field gets focus

  • Modified GEDCOM date modifier strings to comply with Patriot Index mixed-case preference

  • Updated all brochure texts

  • Added RegOK flag in ini file to store status of PDW registry cleaning

  • Corrected bug - Patriot Name not tracked properly in Old Supplemental form

  • Corrected bug - If program started by selecting an associated file, "file not found" may result


Version 3.05 - 15 Aug 2003

  • Added check boxes to tab order in applicable forms

  • Added code to automatically set focus on area of interest when pre-Audit check(s) fail

  • Added code to convert short file name to long file name if file name is passed via Command on program start

  • Changed following shortcut keystrokes to allow Ctrl + T for tabbing:  Ctrl + I - Save as Patriot Index; Ctrl + P - Application audit

  • Added code to prevent crash if Application conversion attempted with no file save of primary application


Version 3.04 - 24 Jun 2003

  • Added capability of over-riding HdStart file setting to load "clean" application by using Right-click on Universal Application and New Supplemental (OS) ToolBar button

  • Added capability of over-riding Printing Prompt setting by using Right-click on Print ToolBar button

  • Added capability of calling Notes frame directly when Right-click used on Tracking/Notes ToolBar button

  • Added code to keep Splash/About window on top at all times

  • Corrected bug - Universal form Printer Height Reduction setting was not being utilized by the print routine


Version 3.03 - 09 May 2003

  • Revised code so registered users could utilize Adobe printing devices to create temporary documents to send to applicants for review.  Documents created using Adobe devices will be altered and not acceptable for submission

  • Added a Frequently Asked Questions topic to the Help file


Version 3.02 - 14 Apr 2003

  • Added code to close original form document when application conversion is elected

  • Added code preventing the use of Adobe printing devices for security purposes

  • corrected bug - added code to preclude non-transfer of REF to Patriot's Rev. War service field during document conversion if entry was more than 2 lines


Version 3.01 - 03 Apr 2003

  • corrected bug - added code to prevent certain systems operating in 600x800 screen resolution from crashing when formatted text fields are selected


Version 3.00 - 27 Mar 2003

  • Added Universal application form #0915U

  • Added prompt for auto conversion to new Universal form from Combined/Youth form on loading an unlocked file in the older format

  • In-house conversion routine changed to match new form constructs

  • In-house conversion adds "converted from" information in Notes as outside conversion does

  • Added age vs app-type check for Universal form during data entry and Audit

  • Added Conversion Prompt Preference item to enable/disable above feature on demand

  • Added Worksheet printout of Universal form to include field underlines since normal Universal form printing does not include lines.

  • Added separate Printer Adjustments Preferences for new Universal form as it's format is designed to reduce or eliminate printing problems.

  • Modified email routine so no attempt is made to download mail when email is generated

  • Improved non-RT multi-line field text limiting feature


Version 2.37 - 06 Oct 2002

  • Added internal Conversion routine to convert from Youth app to New Combined app

  • Added code so Audit would check for length of state entry (2 chars)

  • Added code so Audit would check for applicant name entered in full in First Name field.

  • Cleaned up conversion code for Adobe fdf files...sponsor information was not being input

  • Added Help file documentation on how to create Adobe fdf files.


Version 2.36 - 13 Jul 2002

  • corrected bug - added code to prevent a crash if multiple documents are open and a document is selected in which a formatted field will have the focus.

  • corrected bug - added code to prevent a "Bad file name" loop on initial Save if Patriot name and/or applicant last name contains illegal file name characters.


Version 2.35 - 04 Jun 2002

  • Added code so Audit will do date calculations even on incomplete dates.

  • General code housekeeping and efficiency modifications.


Version 2.34 - 11 Apr 2002

  • Added code for more complete Patriot generation entry checking on Audit initiation to preclude error with incorrect information.

  • Modified variable text field code for more consistent results with font changing.

  • Added code to prevent program freeze under certain conditions if editing attempted with file locked.


Version 2.33 - 8 Mar 2002

  • corrected bug - files saved with numerous expanded reference fields now display correctly when reloaded.


Version 2.32 - 18 Nov 2001

  • Save/Save As file dialog no longer shows list of other file types.

  • Added code to detect Win Me and XP type in Help/Bug request system information generation.

  • Help Request/Bug Report - added specific "no log file" line if no sarapaid.log

  • Internal web and email address changed to

  • Increased size of Default Data Location box and added routine to wrap path of long XP-type data paths.

  • Added code for automatic form positioning when tabbing with fields locked.

  • corrected bug - added code to prevent error message if file loaded (usually Sar16) and exited without editing or changing fields.

  • corrected bug - added code to suppress appearance of Patriot Sex frame when loading data file.

  • corrected bug - added code to check field length vs field size when transferring Patriot name from top field to patriot generation name field.

  • corrected bug - added code to prevent crash when tabbing to last RT box with fields locked.

  • corrected bug - added check for default email address. Entering 0-length address caused error/no message generated.

  • corrected bug - added #-of-character limits to Audit item entry boxes to prevent overflow error/crash.


Version 2.31 - 13 Aug 2001

  • Enhanced patriot name comparison to be more realistic

  • corrected bug - incorrect default value for Father's age greater than (birth date comparison)

  • corrected bug - crash occurred when trying to compare husband's first generation death date (no field for this) with marriage date


Version 2.30 - 12 Aug 2001

  • Added Application Audit feature

  • corrected bug which allowed user to type in a filename with a suffix from a file type not supported resulting in program crash.


Version 2.25 - 25 Apr 2001

  • added trimming routine to outside conversion data input to preclude leading/trailing spaces.

  • added "living in dddd" logic to GEDCOM conversion code.

  • added date modifier format check to date field format check.

  • corrected code request for Ariel font to Arial - affected font of software ID line.

  • corrected bug - using Ctrl-V to Paste into RT box resulted in double-paste.


Version 2.24 - 22 Feb 2001

  • Added processing to Block Copy procedure so the "Select Wife" window doesn't appear if only one wife is entered.

  • Added processing to Block Copy procedure so the "Select marriage for" window doesn't appear if no wife is entered.

  • Added code to allow PILicense only software to save file with encoded license to enable recall/re-edit.

  • Added "son/daughter of" check box information transfer to Block Copy routines.

  • Added date/time group of file converted from (outside conversion) Notes field.

  • Added better file name tracking/changing after outside conversion file input in window header, Save, and Save As dialogs.

  • Added "Standard Date Modifiers" help topic for GEDCOM standardization.

  • Moved automated "living in dddd" feature to "died" date field instead of place field for GEDCOM conversion compatibility.

  • Added code so "mailto:" method of automated email generation would be attempted as a backup if error occurred during MAPI session.


Version 2.23 - 07 Feb 2001

  • Automated HDSTART.SAR file save no longer appears in recent file list.

  • Corrected outside convert problem:  when a converted file was saved, the original file suffix was retained causing overwrite of original file format.

  • Corrected bug:  Some Win NT/2000 systems would hang or print page 2 incorrectly (formatted text fields were causing problem).

  • Corrected bug:  Under some conditions, selecting formatted text fields would hang the computer.


Version 2.22 - 22 Jan 2001

  • Added Word Template version 1.10 (both pages saved/edited as single document) conversion capability.

  • Changed code for printing page 2 formatted text to circumvent compatibility problems occurring with certain HP printers.

  • Corrected bug:  Eliminated inclusion of quote mark in certain fields when converting Word Template files.

  • Corrected bug:  Email Bug Report now operates correctly on MAPI compliant email systems.


Version 2.21 - 01 Jan 2001

  • Corrected bug:  Entering Last Name on Old Supplemental form caused error message and program crash.


Version 2.20 - 27 Dec 2000

  • Added formatted text (italic/underline) capability to documentation fields.

  • Multi line/variable line text word wrapping now formatted according to selected printer.

  • Added sponsor SAR numbers to number check routine.

  • Changed to new trademarked logo.

  • Eliminated blank page ejection problem with some HP printers.

  • Added code to prevent non-HdStart file items from being edited when lock status changed with cursor on a non-HdStart file field.

  • Added code to disable Save As file save if HdStart file being edited (prevent renaming which creates editing problems when loaded later with HdStart file attribute set.

  • Corrected bug:  Eliminated possible crash if SimulDoc selected from Edit menu and focus not on text field.


Version 2.11 - 8 October 2000

  • Corrected bug:  Check boxes for selecting type of Youth application would appear onscreen on page 2.

  • Corrected bug:  Close All menu item would not affect open New Combined form documents.


Version 2.10 - 8 October 2000

  • Added Youth Life Application Form (#0915Y)

  • Added In-House Conversion capability


Version 2.01 - 24 August 2000

  • Print routines modified to be more forgiving of printer driver shortcomings

  • Added Printer.Port to diagnostics information

  • Added SARAPAID.LOG procedures - writes information to log file if printer driver returns errors or doesn't support feature

  • Added SARAPAID.LOG contents to automated diagnostics information

  • Better explanation of email procedures if MAPI and mailto not supported (in dialog box)

  • Print dialog box no longer called if Toolbar icon clicked to print

  • Distributes new MS VB6 support files


Version 2.00 - 23 July 2000

  • Converted to 32-bit program.

  • Added collated printing ability

  • Print dialog box no longer sets selected printer as system default

  • Added tabbed format to organize Preferences window

  • Added Automatic screen resolution change - new Preference item

  • Added Windows File Association - new Preference item

  • Added Default Email Address for data file attachment - new Preference item

  • Added ability to import SAR16, SAR Word template "data only", and SAR Adobe .FDF data files

  • Changed auto-file-name algorithm to: Patriot (Member).SAR to take advantage of 32-bit Windows long file name capability

  • Added automatic system parameter info and email generation for support

  • Added automatic Internet access to Cox SoftWare site

  • Disabled sponsor fields in combined supplemental form.

  • Fixed some Search and Replace problems where extended (foreign) characters were involved.

  • Fixed field-length limiting when Paste is used.

  • Bug fix - Entering large number in any Patriot generation field would cause crash.


Version 1.12 - 15 Feb 2000

  • Added ability to retain international characters in last position of field

  • Added Help page information and character chart for entering international characters

  • Placed international character chart item on Help menu for quick recall.

  • Several printing code changes to reduce the need for adjustments

  • Modified Height Reduction routine for smaller adjustment increments

  • Updated Printer Test page with step-by-step instructions and good printer test page = good forms


Version 1.11 - 05 Nov 1999

  • Added capability of changing year prefixes in date blanks to "20"

  • "Preparation of Application Requirements" pamphlet updated to 05/99 revision

  • Bug fix - Copies entry in Print window would not affect print job

  • Bug fix - Calling 2nd or greater application using last entry in Recent File List caused program termination

  • Bug fix - Calling Block Copy routine from Edit group of menu bar caused program termination (pop-up menu worked OK)

  • Bug fix - Restored use of Ctrl-T for entering tabs in multi-line fields


Version 1.10 - 17 Apr 1999

  • Head Start file now read/stored in Default Data Location

  • Arrow key scrolling modified to work only if not editing text fields

  • Extra NSDAR and NSSAR fields added through gen. 8 in both forms (approved by Gen. General and IT Committee Chairman)

  • New file format to support added fields

  • Added Patriot sex selection to Old Supplement form

  • Added routine to check for improper patriot generation entry

  • Patriot name auto entry into proper generation now considers patriot sex setting for proper placement

  • Added option to remove automatically entered patriot name from previously entered generation when gen # changed

  • Added ability to create new folders using Default Data Location routine

  • Bug fix - file name missing in dialog box when Recent File List selection made and font change needed

  • Bug fix - Search & Replace routine caused program hang when search string found in last field under certain conditions

  • Bug fix - No Patriot name in window heading unless name was entered that session

  • Bug fix - Block Paste into Gen. 1 wouldn't erase unused data in M2 if M1 selected

  • Bug fix - automatic file naming didn't work as advertised

  • Bug fix - entering (Save) filename without a period and file suffix could cause program hang


Version 1.02 - 16 Mar 1999

  • Added capability of using arrow keys for form scrolling - Home, End, PgUp, PgDn

  • Added Exit Warning switch - can eliminate Exit Warning

  • Bug fix - corrected missing scroll bars when large/custom font sizes used

  • Bug fix - fixed screen positioning of vertical text in Win 3.1


Version 1.01 - First public release - 16 Jan 1999

  • Added resizing of var. size REF blocks prior to length check after font size change

  • Added command line file entry/program activation from clicking on file

  • Bug fix - corrected column spacing of final two columns on p.2 of combined form

  • Bug fix - corrected bad REF block sizing on file load and font change


Version 1.00 - Acceptance release - 14 Jan 1999