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License Information


SARApAid License Agreement:

SARApAid is a commercial copyrighted program and will remain the property of Cox SoftWare.  Cox Software grants a license to use the SARApAid Submission (licensed) version software to the original purchaser.  DEMO versions of SARApAid can be freely distributed provided that all files are included unchanged in the distributed version.

Copies of the SARApAid program file(s) may be made for backup purposes only.  Copies made for any other purpose are expressly prohibited, and adherence to this requirement is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.  You may not sublease, assign, sell, or otherwise transfer this licensed program to any other person without the prior written consent of Cox SoftWare.

Your license allows SARApAid to be used "just like a book."  This means that the program may be used by a single user and may even be moved from one computer location to another, so long as there is no possibility of it being used at one location while it's being used at another.  Just like a book that can't be read by two different people in two different places at the same time, neither can the software be used by two different people in two different places at the same time.

General License Information

Your SARApAid license includes an encoded registration date which allows you to download and use any upgrade with a program date within two years of your registration/licensing date.  For example, if your registration date, which appears on the opening window and when you select Help | About SARApAid, is August 26, 2015, any upgrade dated/released on or before August 26, 2017 will work without restriction with your license.

Any program dated within two years of your registration date will continue to work even after two years has elapsed since your registration date  Nothing will time out or invalidate any program dated within two years of your licensing date.

If you download a program dated more than two years after your registration date (program date of August 27, 2017 in the above example) the program will run on your system, but in DEMO mode.  Caution - if you installed this "more than two years from license date" program over your old licensed program, you will have lost your only unrestricted program copy!

License files also have security sums built in.  If you tamper with a license file in any way it will become invalid, and your SARApAid program will revert to DEMO mode.  Cox SoftWare is under no obligation to replace license files which have been tampered with and therefore invalidated.

The SARApAid license is a single-user license.  Even if purchased by a chapter or other organizational division, it requires that a single "custodian" be registered as the official user of the group.  It does not allow for the software to be passed around or otherwise distributed to any other member(s) of the purchasing group.

If the official custodian of a license needs to change because of changes in officers within an organization, please contact Cox SoftWare in advance so that proper license transfer procedures can be initiated.

Additional Licensing Concerns

The question has been raised about whether it is ethical or in compliance with the software license for a licensed user to print or otherwise process an application file for someone who prepared the application file using a DEMO version of SARApAid or by using other application software and then converting the other application file with SARApAid.  My answer is NO, and I'll explain...

I made the DEMO version of SARApAid as un-crippled as possible with your convenience in mind.  I wanted you to be able to test the software fully, and to see and use all of it's features so you could make a fully informed decision as to whether the software would be useful to you before you purchased a license.  I wanted you to be able to use those files you created during your "trial" period without restriction after you became a licensed user.  I could have prevented your being able to fully fill out an application, or prevented your being able to save your work, or prevented your being able to print anything, or put a time bomb in the software, or any number of other techniques commonly used in demo software, but I didn't.  The ONLY thing that differs in the DEMO version is that the large "Sample" will print on the forms along with everything else.

Because of this, the capability is there for someone to fully enter, edit, and save a file in the DEMO version or by using other application software, and then pass it to a registered user to print for him.  If someone in fact uses a DEMO version of the software or uses other application software to produce a file to print and use for submission without benefit of a license, then they have gone far beyond the scope of using the DEMO version for evaluation purposes.  If you, as a licensed user, in fact print or otherwise process applications for submission for a non-licensed user who prepared the application file on a DEMO version of the software or via other software, then you are facilitating the non-licensed use of the program by that person and you are not in compliance with the single-user license, not to mention the ethical question raised.

I'm sure this raises a few questions, so I'll give some examples:

1.  You, as the registrar, secretary, or other general volunteer of your chapter who generally prepares (types) the applications for your members, takes a hand-written or typed work sheet from a member (or numerous members) and uses SARApAid to enter and print the data.

This is correct usage of the software, as you are entering and printing the data as a single user on a single machine.

2.  You, as the same person mentioned in #1, take a SARApAid file produced by another licensed user and print it because your printer is much better than theirs.

This is correct usage, as both parties involved are licensed users.

3.  You, as the same person mentioned in #1, allow a non-licensed user to use your computer (with a licensed copy of SARApAid installed) to enter and print an application.

This is correct usage, as the single user and/or single machine concept hasn't been violated.  The license is still confined to a single user's machine and there is still no possibility of the same license being used by two persons on two machines at the same time.

4.  You, as the same person mentioned in #1, print an application file produced by a non-licensed user using a DEMO version of the software. 

This is not correct usage, as you have in fact facilitated the full usage and benefit of the software to a non-licensed user.

As a final comment, I have taken pains to provide you with the least possible restrictions on the DEMO version for your convenience of evaluation.  I strive to provide you with what I hope you consider to be the best application software available.  In turn, I hope you will honor my license agreement so this type of issue won't become a problem.