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Bulk Mailer Information


I am using an automated emailer now for upgrade announcements for Cox SoftWare programs.  This has several advantages for all of us.  You can subscribe/unsubscribe yourself at any time, so I don't have to constantly keep after my address book.  You can also update your own email address any time it is necessary to ensure that you continue to get upgrade notifications.  If you are getting upgrade notifications for more than one Cox SoftWare program, you can log on to your profile and administer all of these accounts at the same time for convenience.

The use of a bulk emailer will not change my Privacy Policy - "Cox SoftWare will not rent, sell, share, or otherwise disclose in any manner the information you provide when you purchase our products or subscribe to our mailing lists."  It will not increase the number of emails that you receive from me.  Since the beginning, my bulk mailings have been used solely for the purpose of announcing the availability of new upgrades or of addressing serious issues concerning the software.


Information on Subscribing/Unsubscribing:

On the Subscribe/Unsubscribe page do the following -

    1. Select the list(s) you want to include (currently SARApAid and CCF3).
    2. Enter your email address and your name (helps me identify your account if there are problems).
    3. Select Subscribe/Unsubscribe as desired.
    4. Click the "Submit your Information" button.

You will receive an email at the email address you entered with a link in it that you must click to confirm your desire to subscribe/unsubscribe.  After clicking the link, you will see a page confirming your action and you will receive a 2nd email confirming your action.  If you were subscribing, the 2nd email will also contain a profile password.  It's way down towards the bottom of the email and you might want to save it.  It can be used at any time to log into and change your Profile. 

This double-opt-in/out system protects you, as only you (at the email account that was entered) can confirm the action that was initiated.  If the action is not confirmed, no action will be taken by the system.


Changing your Email Address (and other stuff):

Email addresses tend to change often.  You can update your own email address for Cox SoftWare notifications by visiting the Profile Login page.  After entering your email address and password, you can change your password, change your email address, or cancel your subscription.  If you forgot your password, scroll all the way to the bottom of the Profile Login page and you'll see a button to reset it.


Problems with Email:

Haven't been getting your email notification of upgrades?  Every time upgrade notifications are mailed out, I get returns due to unknown or bad email addresses or "mailbox full" errors.  The bulk mailer keeps track of these returns, and if they continue, your "bad" email address is removed from the system! 

If you change your email address, don't forget to provide your new email address to the Cox SoftWare bulk emailing system as described above if you want to continue to receive notifications. 

Many of you subscribe to various anti-spam programs.  Some of these programs require the sender of emails to go through a "verification" process to register with the recipient's email account.  There are too many of you on my notification list for me to manually complete each individual request to complete your anti-spam registration process.  Since I don't send notifications to you unless you have specifically "subscribed" to a list, it is up to you to register the Cox SoftWare email address ( with your specific program so it won't be blocked if you want to continue to receive upgrade notifications.