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Report Window Screen Shot

Here is a screen shot of the Report Window, which appears on top of the main SARApAid window.  This is what will be seen after clicking on the Instant Status Check button with an application loaded.  The Data Wizard has already gone through the complete online data collecting, processing, and comparing processes and has found a match for the application shown.  This particular application form has only the applicant's name, the patriot's name, and the state society entered...NOTHING ELSE, and this was enough information to find a match.  The Data Wizard window shows that 1 file was checked, 1 match was found with that file, and updated information was found for that matching file.  The updated information has been entered into the Report Window grid and highlighted with cyan background coloring so the upgraded information can be easily identified.  After clicking OK at this point, the actual application (seen below the Report Window at the bottom) could be updated with the new information with a single click of the Toolbar Update button.  The Report window Toolbar also shows the date of posting of the information on the NSSAR web site for both Application Status and Pended Status information pages.

unrestricted screen shot

report screen shot