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For Previous Purchasers

If you are a licensed SARApAid user (you've purchased SARApAid in the past and have never transferred your license) order from this page.  If you have never purchased any version of SARApAid, order from the New Purchaser Order Page.


Ordering a License Extension or Disk Upgrade

Please enter your current license number (how can I find this?) in the blank provided above the PayPal button prior to clicking the button to initiate payment.  This will enable Cox SoftWare to positively verify your identity as a licensed user.  If your order lacks this information, delays may be encountered while other methods of verifying your license are attempted.

License #: 

SARApAid License Extension via Email License Code - ($10.00) A License Code is sent via email which is used by the License Wizard (select Help:  License Wizard from the program menu) to automatically download and install your license, which will enable 2 additional years of upgrading via the Internet.  You are responsible for downloading and installing the software upgrade(s) (or use the automated Update Wizard available under the Help menu topic).

Note:  Please include a "Shipping Address" even though nothing will be shipped.  Your address is needed to complete your registration and your license file.  Orders sent without an address will be delayed until one is obtained from you.

Email Note:  If you have an email provider or email software which uses SPAM blocking routines that will refuse to deliver email to you if the sender is not in your address book, you will have to include the Cox SoftWare email address in your list of permissions in order to receive your email License Code.  The email address which will be used to deliver your License code is:

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