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Update and Bug Report/Resolution Data


Bug and Problem Report Summary
Item Date Item Reported Resolution
  07/17/2003   version 3.00 released
  09/08/2003   version 3.10 released
  06/16/2004   version 3.11 released
  07/02/2004   version 3.15 released
1 08/10/2004 Problem:  program crash occurs if Help Request or Bug Report initiated with only the Main window open Resolved in version 3.20
  08/16/2004   version 3.20 released
2 08/20/2004 Problem:  Historical and Concise Feature Detail frame didn't fully hide other controls when visible Resolved in version 3.21
  08/31/2004   version 3.21 released
  09/25/2004   version 3.22 released
3 09/25/2004 Problem:  Right-click on search results grid would reset row/column selection to a single field Resolved in version 3.23
4 09/30/2004 Problem:  license upgrade/extension with existing license would not register correctly using License Wizard Resolved in version 3.23
  09/30/2004   version 3.23 released
5 11/20/2004 Problem:  "Run-time error 401" occurs on some user machines when attempting to use License Wizard Resolved in version 3.24
  11/28/2004   version 3.24 released
6 12/17/2004 Problem:  FTP routine driving the Auto-Update and License Wizard routines is consistently unsuccessful Resolved in version 3.25
  01/02/2005   version 3.25 released
7 02/05/2007 Problem:  PPL would not show as feature type when multiple search parameters were selected Resolved in version 3.25
  02/09/2007   version 3.30 released
01/08/09 Problem:  Update and License Wizards don't work in Vista or later systems. Resolved in version 3.35
  05/30/2010   version 3.35 released
06/02/2010 Problem: When search is initiated, "Run-time error '91'" message may appear and program halts. Resolved in version 3.40
  06/14/2010   version 3.40 released
06/15/2010 Problem: When closing the Preferences window after completing a search, "Run-time error '91'" message may appear and program halts. Resolved in version 3.41
  06/21/2010   version 3.41 released
11 07/02/2010 Problem:  Issues with data in states containing UTF8 name characters; E longitudes were not displayed correctly; proximity search didn't handle E longitude locations correctly Resolved in version 3.45
  07/24/2010   version 3.45 released
  08/23/2010   version 3.50 released
09/18/2010 Problem:  Program may crash on start with later versions of Windows (Vista/Win7) if Google Earth is not installed. Resolved in version 3.51
  09/21/2010   version 3.51 released
  10/05/2010   version 3.52 released
  05/06/2011   version 3.53 released
  09/03/2012   version 3.55 released
  09/06/2016   version 3.56 released




Feature Request Summary
Item Date Request Resolution
1 07/07/2003 Feature to find closest Ppl to any other type of selected site. Resolved in version 3.10
2 07/07/2003 Feature to link any selected site to map/aerial photo Resolved in version 3.10




Program Version History

Version 3.56 - 06 September 2016

  • More reliable integration with Google Earth
  • Modified code to prevent crash on systems with larger screens
  • Help file - better installation process
  • Better detection of later Windows versions for proper bug report info
  • Updated data from GNIS


Version 3.55 - 03 September 2012

  • Updated data from GNIS


Version 3.53 - 06 May 2011

  • "Glacier" added to Historic feature list
  • Updated TerraFly web access coding
  • Updated data from GNIS


Version 3.52 - 05 October 2010

  • Updated data from GNIS only.


Version 3.51 - 21 September 2010

  • Fixed cause of program crash with later versions of Windows if Google Earth is not installed


Version 3.50 - 23 August 2010

  • Updated data from GNIS only.


Version 3.45 - 24 July 2010

  • Modified code to correctly process and display E longitude values
  • Updated proximity search to correctly handle E longitude locations and to work correctly across E/W longitude line
  • Updated code to correctly pass E longitude coords to web applications
  • Data processed with new routines to eliminate incorrectly flagged Unknown coordinate locations
  • Added MapQuest, Yahoo Maps, and Flash Earth to program transfer (internet map resources) items


Version 3.41 - 21 June 2010

  • Fixed cause of "Run-time error '91'" message and program dump when Preferences window was closed after completion of search.


Version 3.40 - 14 June 2010

  • Fixed cause of "Run-time error '91'" message and program dump when search is initiated.
  • Revised data for all states


Version 3.35 - 30 May 2010

  • Revised data for all states

  • Updated compatibility for Vista and Windows 7

  • Added full Unicode support for extended character sets (must use a Unicode font)

  • Added mouse wheel support

  • Added Repair Wizard


Version 3.30 - 09 Feb 2007

  • Revised data for all states

  • Removed "cave," "ruin," and "other" from all search lists - no longer used by GNIS

  • Added Google Earth hand-off capability

  • License Wizard robustness improved (greater possibility of success)

  • Added code to Update Wizard to allow full recovery from bad download/install


Version 3.25 - 02 Jan 2005

  • Added auto switch from passive to active FTP mode when problems occur connecting in passive mode

  • Changed server directory code in FTP routine necessitated by server changeover


Version 3.24 - 28 Nov 2004

  • Fixed bug causing "Run-time error '401':  Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed" message during License Wizard routine

  • Fixed bug causing "Subscript out of range" error message on startup if any license error or "missing data file" error message is displayed


Version 3.23 - 30 Sep 2004

  • Added Features in given state search

  • Added counter check in search results to keep from crashing when limits (49,999) exceeded

  • Added immediate search hit presentation rather than presentation of data after search completion

  • Fixed bug - right-click on search results grid would reset multi-row/column selection to a single field

  • Fixed bug - license upgrade/extension with existing license would not register correctly


Version 3.22 - 25 Sep 2004

  • Revised data for AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MA, MI, MN, MT, NC, NJ, NY, OK, OR, RI, SC, VA, WA, WI


Version 3.21 - 31 Aug 2004

  • Added following new feature types:  airport; arch; cave; isthmus; levee; rapids; ruin; slope; tower

  • All data re indexed to properly show above new data types

  • Revised data for IA, MD, & VA

  • Fixed bug - Historical and Concise Feature Detail frame didn't fully hide other controls when visible

  • Fixed bug - Update Wizard wouldn't properly recognize new file availability


Version 3.20 - 16 Aug 2004

  • Added automated license file installation routine (License Wizard)

  • Added code to provide download file size in Upgrade Wizard dialog

  • Modified code for better search results window size and scroll bar placement

  • Added option check box for automated installation using current settings in Upgrade form

  • Changed/added code for email routines to eliminate "not supported" error returns for systems using Outlook

  • New data set

  • Fixed bug causing crash if Help Request/Bug Report called with only CCFMain window open


Version 3.15 - 02 Jul 2004

  • Added automated upgrade process

  • Corrected URL to CCF III web site

  • Added gRegOK flag in ini file to store status of PDW registry cleaning

  • Added gSaved flag in ini file for program awareness of ini file existence to trigger PDW registry cleaning routing

  • Other minor tweaks


Version 3.11 - 16 Jun 2004

  • Added new install program which increases versatility and corrects deficiencies in old install

  • Upgraded MicroSoft Visual Basic support files


Version 3.10 - 08 Sep 2003

  • Added automatic search for "nearest ppl" to Historic/Concise entry in found list

  • Added capability to automatically link to online maps, photos, charts, etc.


Version 3.00 - 17 Jul 2003

  • Conversion to Windows format

  • Historical data now included

  • Can now do more than 1 type of search (county, populated, historical, concise) simultaneously

  • Historical and Concise feature types can now be specifically included/excluded from searches

  • Search results capacity greatly expanded (up to 49,999 search result items can be returned)

  • Search results display columns can be rearranged to your liking

  • Search results can be resorted to your liking


Version 2.10 (DOS)

  • new, updated data base from GNIS

  • District of Columbia data added


Version 2.00 (DOS)

  • new, updated data base from GNIS

  • modified to accommodate Unknown coordinates

  • county listing by state added

  • geographic data now included

  • state location information now stored internally for faster proximity searching

  • fixed bug in proximity search (affected speed only)

  • file save now uses append vs overwrite mode

  • up to 350 search result locations can now be stored in memory and viewed/printed/saved to disk.


Version 1.02 (DOS)

  • original public release