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City County Finder III


Program Information

CCF III (City County Finder III) is a small, yet powerful search engine which does much more than its name implies.  It searches for and creates lists of locations based on search criteria which you specify, to include Populated Places, counties, Historical Sites, and Concise sites. 

It can perform searches based on exact, "sounds-like," or partial (incomplete) name searches; can list counties by state; can list all Populated, Historical, and/or Concise features by county or state; and can list features within X miles (2 to 99) of other Populated Places, Historical sites, or specified geographic coordinates.  Historical and Concise Site searches can be customized to include any combination or all of over 55 specific types of sites (building, cemetery, church, school, etc.).

The capability of most search programs and Internet search engines stops once the results have been listed.  With CCF III, you can move the columnar data around to your liking, re-sort it in any way you desire, eliminate any portions you don't want, generate additional searches from the results, and you can go directly to a web site graphic showing the exact location of an individually selected "hit" in an aerial photo, topographical map, nautical chart, aeronautical chart, or even do a "fly over" of the location.  Your Search Results data can also be Saved to file (text and data modes) and Printed on letter or legal size paper.


E-Mail Notification

I am now using a bulk email system to provide update notifications.  For full details, see the Bulk Mailer Information page.