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SAR Application Software Feature Comparison Chart


The following information is made available by Cox SoftWare to help you make the most informed choice possible in selecting your SAR Application software.  The information presented is based on actual testing and evaluation of the indicated software packages.

It is not my intent to misrepresent information for any of the mentioned software.  If you feel that any information in the chart is misrepresented, please feel free to contact Cox SoftWare with this information.  If your requested change can be verified with publicly available information, the chart will be updated as necessary.

For a description of most of the listed features, see the SARApAid Features page.

Chart Key:

  • X = Feature Available

  • x = Feature Available to a limited extent

  • O = Feature Conditionally qualifies

  • NA = Not Applicable

See notes at bottom of chart for footnote information (clicking on red footnote keys will take you directly to the footnotes).

(no longer available)
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) X   X X X
Multiple Document Interface (load multiple documents simultaneously) X   X2 X3 X3
Preferences available X     x1 x1
Recently Used File List X   X2 X3 X3
Head Start File X        
Comprehensive Context Sensitive Help System X   x4 x4 x4
Data Locking available X        
Standard Windows editing available - Cut, Copy, Paste X X X2 X3 X3
Block editing available (Cut, Copy, Paste for entire generations) X        
Search and Replace X   X2 x5 x5
Auto Capitalization available X        
Data formatting and automatic Data Limiting capability X        
Text can wrap in multi-line fields X X      
Auto Date Formatting available X        
Date Flipper available X        
Variable Size Lineage Reference fields X        
Documentation text formatting available (italics and underlining) X        
Tracking Dates/Notes available X        
Accepts/stores Sex of Patriot X        
Accepts SAR/DAR numbers through generation 8 (all forms) X        
Save & Recall Data capability X X X x6 X
Application Audit capability X        
Instant Status Check (from NSSAR online source) X        
Report on multiple applications X        
Data Saved as Single File X X X X  
Possible to send application data as email attachment X X      
Printer adjustments available X        
2012 and 2003 Form #0915U included (Universal) X   X13 X13 X14
1998 Form #0915 included (Combined) X X X X  
1990 Form #0917 included (Old Supplemental) X        
2000 Form #0915Y (Youth Application) X     X  
Import capability X12        
In-House Conversions X        
Free Upgrades X   NA NA NA
Automatic email generation for support X        
Automatic email attachment feature X        
Automatic Internet access to support site X        
Automated upgrade capability X        
Stand-Alone capability X X O7 O8 O8
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 compatible X X x9 X X
Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX compatible O10 O10 O10 X X
DEMO available X   NA11 NA11 NA11
Direct Developer Support available X        
Requirements for Membership and for Applications pamphlet text included X        
Preparation of Application Requirements pamphlet text included X        
SAR Youth Pamphlet text included X        
Application Preparation Manual text included X        
Shipping delay Next day (no longer available) NA11 NA11 NA11
Price $20   NA11 NA11 NA11



1.  Allows general Adobe preferences, not specific to SAR Application document.

2.  Via Microsoft Word object.

3.  Via Adobe Reader object.

4.  For general Word/Adobe help only.  Limited/no help available on SAR Application document.

5.  Has Search (Find) but not Replace via Adobe Reader object.

6.  With Reader enabled versions.

7.  Requires MicroSoft Word.

8.  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.01 or greater (free download).

9.  Compatible only with Windows versions which support the MicroSoft Word template.

10.  May be useable on Macintosh computers utilizing Windows emulator software or newer Mac computers operating Windows software directly.

11.  Available as free download from SAR web site.

12.  Imports SAR16, SAR Word template "data only", SAR (Segraves) Adobe FDF data files, and NSSAR PDF files.  SAR Form Filler version 1993/1994 (DOS program) files cannot be imported.

13.  2003 version only.

14.  2012 version only.