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SARApAid Upgrade News

(although it is recommended that you read this entire page if you are considering an upgrade, if you read nothing else, read the Upgrade Information paragraph!)

Verson 5.03 Information

Version 5.03 fixes a couple of bugs that weren't discovered in time to make the 5.02 release.  PDF printing and Opening files from the Recent File List are now more dependable.


Verson 5.02 Information

Version 5.02 fixes some bugs and adds some stuff that was inadvertently left out of the 2017 form.  The Recent File List will now appear when you are working with the 2017 form; the form type (supplemental, junior, etc.) will now be retained during an internal conversion process; if you attempt to load an incompatible HdStart file, a blank form will now be loaded rather than no form; code was modified to prevent Windows 10 crash-on-start; code was modified to remove auto caps on email address entries; and email code was modified to remove MAPI calls and change to mailto: calls (should make email feature more universally useable).  The Help file was updated to include the latest version of the Application Preparation Manual (Jan 2018).

In addition, some code was added to promote better compliance with the user license.


Verson 5.01 Information

Version 5.01 is merely a bug fix - a last minute typo in version 5.00 had disabled the Conversion feature.


Version 5.00 Information:

The big change for version 5.00 is the incorporated of the new Universal (2017) form.  This form will be mandatory in March 2018.  The new form's biggest changes are the removal of the listing of the applicant's children and a more comprehensive attestation statement.  With this new form comes the incorporated of split name fields in SARApAid (you will enter genealogical names in a "Given name" field and a "Surname" field.  This is for future use when the uploading of SARApAid data files is implemented by national, as they will want the name fields separated.

The Old Supplemental form has been disabled as a means of starting a new supplemental application due to the mandatory status of the Universal (2017) form in just a few months.  The Help file was revised to reference the Application Preparation Manual now vs. the Preparation of Application Requirements (old 0912 form).  In addition, code changes were made to ensure that Rich Text pasted into the Patriot Reference field would be checked for length, corrected if necessary, and turned Cyan if truncated.  The age check was also removed when converting an application for a son since regular membership is now available regardless of age.


Upgrade Information

In order to activate this version (5.03), your license must be dated 21 Feb 2016 or later!  If you do a manual install and your license date is earlier than this, you will end up with a DEMO version!



SARApAid no longer supports versions of Windows older than XP, primarily because of compatibility issues with the installer needed to support Windows 10.

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