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SARApAid Upgrade News

(although it is recommended that you read this entire page if you are considering an upgrade, if you read nothing else, read the Upgrade Information paragraph!)

Version 4.16 Information:

Version 4.16 contains changes to ensure the Report function works after the updates to the NSSAR web site.  It also added code to check for a valid Default Data Location so it could determine if a removable drive (where you stored your data) was missing or not.  It also corrected a deficiency that cause a program crash when started on a machine with a large monitor (greater than 2180 horizontal resolution).


Version 4.15 Information:

Version 4.15 clears up some frustrating issues, such as consistent installation of the Help system and consistent results from the Copies setting in the Print dialog window.  It also corrects a couple of bugs and has an updated installer for better Windows 10 compatibility.


Version 4.13 Information:

Version 4.13 adds additional printer troubleshooting codes to the printing routine to help identify issues that may occur in the future.  It also removed some pdf input troubleshooting remnants that prevented pdf input in 4.12.


Version 4.12 Information:

Not a public release.  Used to troubleshoot printer issues.


Version 4.11 Information:

Version 4.11 clears a couple of problems that have recently surfaced - a pesky "Run-time error '380': invalid property value" seen frequently when printing, and some small external conversion problem seen when importing a pdf application.


Version 4.10 Information:

Version 4.10 adds "Upon approval of the application, information thereon, and supplemental data become the property of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution." text to Universal form as per NSSAR request.  Code was also added to help detect the absence of a Default Printer on a using system.


Version 4.02 Information:

Version 4.02 now includes the NSSAR Application Preparation Manual to the Help file.  Some example material was omitted due to size constraints.  It also corrects the problem of Sponsor data not being printed on Universal forms designated as Supplemental applications, although this data is optional.


Version 4.01 Information:

Version 4.01 adds the capability of recognizing and importing the latest pdf version of the NSSAR application form.  It also corrects the inability of version 4.00 to do external conversions of WMB Word template and older PDF/FDF files.  The installer was also upgraded for better compliance with Windows 7 installation standards.


Version 4.00 Information:

Version 4.00 updates the Universal application form to include the email field approved by national.  This required a change to the file format which means that if someone using version 4.00 saves a file and sends it to someone using a version that is less than 4.00, the recipient will not be able to open the file until they also upgrade to version 4.00!  The Youth form selection was removed from the Universal form due to it becoming obsolete.  Any Youth forms that you have in process can be updated using the Inhouse Conversion to a Regular or Junior application depending on the age of the applicant.  Sponsor data is no longer inhibited on various versions of the Universal form as this is no longer a requirement or desire of the genealogy department.  The online application status check was updated to include a search for the Genealogy Approved status to give you an earlier indication of processing progress at national.  Several small bugs/inconsistencies were corrected.


There are still a couple of compatibility issues with Vista systems as follows:


Number of Copies to Print Problem (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) -

There is a bug in the Windows interface with VB6 in that the number of copies entered in the Print dialog box is always returned to the program as "1" regardless of what was entered by the user on Vista (and later) systems.  A work-around has been added to SARApAid which gives you the ability to specify more than one copy which is only visible on Vista systems. 

Note:  This issue has been resolved in version 4.15!


Help System Problem (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) -

Note:  This issue has been resolved in version 4.15!


Upgrade Information

In order to activate this version (4.16), your license must be dated 19 Aug 2014 or later!  If you do a manual install and your license date is earlier than this, you will end up with a DEMO version!


Manual Installation of Version 3.45+

Before you do anything, recheck your license date and make sure it is 19 Aug 2014 or later before you complete this process.  This date can be seen in the lower left of the Splash screen seen when the program starts.  If your license date is earlier than that and you complete this process, you will end up with a DEMO version of the program, which will print SAMPLE across each application that you print, among other things!  The SARApAid Upgrade Wizard automatically checks your license date for you when it checks for updates, but this process is bypassed during a manual install, so you will not be protected from an installation proceeding even if your license is too old.  Cox SoftWare will not be responsible for your program reverting to a DEMO version if you fail to heed this warning!

Start your manual install by clicking here... to download and follow the instructions on the Download Notes page to install.



SARApAid no longer supports versions of Windows older than XP, primarily because of compatibility issues with the installer needed to support Windows 10.

Send comments and questions to Cox SoftWare.

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