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SARApAid Purchasing Information


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PayPal Payments:  You can now use your credit card to make secure Cox SoftWare purchases via PayPal.  Click the PayPal "Add Item to Cart" button beside your selection to initiate this process.  You do not have to be a PayPal member in order to use this service.  Payment via check/money order is still available if you prefer the old method.

Note:  Your Internet Explorer "Privacy" setting (or equivalent in another browser) must be set to Medium High or lower in order to accept the type of cookies necessary for PayPal to work.  To change this setting, open IE; select Tools, then Internet Options from the menu; select the Privacy tab; select Medium High (or less) on the slider; click Apply; click OK; try PayPal again.


Licensing Information:  SARApAid purchases are licensed to individuals.  Purchases made using PayPal will be licensed to the credit card owner at the billing address unless you provide alternate shipping instructions, in which case the individual/address in the alternate shipping address will be licensed.

SARApAid is not sold on a site or group license basis.  If your purchase will be on behalf of/paid by a chapter or state organization, you must fill in the name of the (1) individual who will be the custodian of the software (one whose computer the software will be installed on) on the applicable order form.  Even if it was purchased for use by a chapter, only one "operator" can be licensed and have the software installed on their computer.  If you have questions about this policy, please read the License Info page and if there are further questions, contact Cox SoftWare prior to initiating your purchase.  If an individual custodian is not named on your order form, your order will be delayed until this is corrected.

Taxes:  Extra fees are applicable for sales tax if you live in the state of Texas.  These will be figured in for you in PayPal transactions.  Failure to include taxes as appropriate in check/money order purchases will result in a hold on your order until the additional amount for tax is received.


Privacy Statement:  Cox SoftWare will not rent, sell, share, or otherwise disclose in any manner the information you provide when you purchase our products.

If you use PayPal to pay for your purchase, the PayPal Privacy Policy will govern information collected during that transaction.

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